Rihanna, Donald Glover And Letitia Wright Are Collaborating On Something Major During Coachella 2019

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It has been speculated, for months now, that Donald Glover and Rihanna have been working on a mysterious project titled Guava Island.

Now, with Coachella 2019 just days away, it is being reported that the highly anticipated film is slated to premiere during YouTube’s live-stream of the festival.

MTV confirmed the news after fans of the musicians noticed Spotify ads promoting Guava Island for an April 13 release date, which lands dead in the middle of the Atlanta star’s Coachella set where he will perform under his stage persona, Childish Gambino.

According to IMDB, the film also stars one of Hollywood’s rising stars, Letitia Wright, who famously played Shuri Marvel’s Black Panther.

The site dubbed the film a “topical thriller” and outlines that Glover plays “a musician with designs on pulling off a scheme to rob his way into the good life, which quickly gets him in over his head.”

Source: bet.com


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