Ghanaian doctors performs first-ever brain surgery without cutting the skull

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A seven member team of Ghanaian doctors has performed the first ever brain surgery in the country without cutting the skull.

The minimally invasive brain surgery is the technique by which health workers safely remove brain and skull base tumors through smaller and more precise openings that minimize collateral damage, Technically known as ‘Endovascular brain aneurysm coiling’, the technique passes a tube through the groin up into the artery containing the brain aneurysm, a process known as endovascular coiling or coil embolization.

The surgery lasted for two hours performed with modern equipment and computer software at the Euracare Advance Diagnostic and Heart Center, a private health facility in Accra. An interventional Ghanaian doctorst, Dr. Bnejamin Dabo Sarkodie who is the Head of Radiology at Euracare led the team. The other doctors were from the Stroke Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and Euracare and was supported by a visiting interventional Radiologist Dr. Itsvan Lazar from Hungary.

Dr. Sarkodie said cerebral aneurysm was often discovered after it had ruptured or by chance during diagnostic examinations, such as a computed tomography(CT) scan , magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or angiography that was being done for other reasons.

He said in addition to a complete medical history and physical examination, diagnostic procedures for cerebral aneurysm might include digital substraction angiography (DSA); that is, a fluoroscopic technique used in interventional radiology to clearly visualize blood vessels in a bony or dense soft tissue environment.



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