I am not broken hearten, have move on-Queen Peezy

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Gabriella Kotey, the young lady who was recently outdoor as Queen Peezy by the boss of the Patupa Army, Patapaa, in a rather quick turn of events has put her life back on track after videos and pictures of her went viral yesterday, March 27, that she was admitted at the hospital because she had a broken heart.

In an exclusive interview she had with Nana Romeo on Accra FM’s mid-morning show earlier yesterday, March 27, she stated emphatically that she was not broken-hearten again.

She revealed that the pictures and videos which emerged yesterday were actually hers but it was so because of the shock she had after she sighted the video of her boo, Patapaa and the German woman romancing in far away abroad.

Queen Peezy also told Nana Romeo in the video available to zionfelix.net that she is not perturbed and worried anymore. Adding that it is no longer a concern to her if Patapaa decides to come back to her or not.

The only thing she will do should the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker decide to continue his romantic relationship with this white woman will be to him back the promise he gave her not long ago.

She also in a rather surprising note revealed that their relationship did not even have the full backing of some members of her family and as such, she feels it is even for the best that this has happened.

Watch the video of Queen Peezy’s interview with Nana Romeo on Accra FM recently:

Source: zionfelix.com


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