15 Female Ghanaian Celebrities Who Look Delectable In Short Hair

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We love our female celebrities, especially because they never disappoint with regards to looks. Be it the hair, makeup and clothes, they always know how to make it work in their favor.

Recently however the trend our celebrities are catching up on is the very daring and sophisticated short hair or TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro). These women have taken the bold step of saying goodbye to their treasured locks and crowning glories and a hello to change. After all, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”- Coco Chanel. We rounded 11 of our top celebrities who changed their lives and are rocking this trend with a vengeance.
1. Priscilla Opoku-Agyeman

Talk about short hair and she is sure to pop up in the conversation; Ahou)fe Patri. Arguably the setter for this trend, she gives us TWA envy for days. We’ve envied her look since the days Kalybos couldn’t keep his eyes off her and we are sure the envy isn’t going away anytime soon. Her ability to rock her short hair with any role she plays and any outfit she rocks is motivation enough to want to follow in on the trend.

2. Nana Ama McBrown

One thing we know for sure is, this actress has a good head on her shoulders, literally. We can’t think of any hairdo this actress has rocked with fail, and her low cut is no exception. Definitely one of our best picks.
3. Emelia Brobbey

She recently joined the movement and we can’t stop obsessing over how good it looks on her. Her boldness in cutting off all her enviable, long and healthy locks is laudable and goes to show this actress was in the mood for some change in her life.

4. Juliet Ibrahim

This woman knows how to switch up her look like no man’s business, and her hair is no exception. Much like most of the women on the list, her short locks took us by surprise, a pleasant one we must add. We love the look on her.

5. MzBel.


6. Akorfa Edjeani-Asiedu

Akorfa Adjeani Asiedu
With the years, it was evident that Akorfa was in search of a more simple yet classy look to suit her busy schedule and still be able to rise to the occasion. We loved her short twist locks looks, but we love this very short cut better. Coupled with good genes, the never aging actress is the true definition that less is more.

7. Tiffany

It came as no surprise to us when this edgy and daring songstress cut her hair. With so much variety as to fade the sides of her head for a Mohawk look, a tapered cut and a complete shave while experimenting with colour, she definitely gives us short hair envy

8. Naa Ashorkor

We don’t know what hair look we haven’t seen on Naa, but we do know the short hair is one of our favorites. With a haircut that and took us all by surprise, it didn’t take us long to get used to the look and we couldn’t get enough of it.
9. Feli Nuna

We haven’t seen her any other way and we wouldn’t want to. Her signature short platinum-blond hair is one of our short hair crushes for obvious reasons. Her edge, charisma and style shine through and we believe her hair is a big part of that equation.

10. Caroline Sampson
caroline sampson

Also noted for switching it up from time to time, we can’t say enough how much we love her tresses whenever she decides to keep them short. The ease with which she carries the short hair on the job gives us major hair envy.

11. Becca

The beautiful actress once chopped hair and still gave us a run for our money. Becca styled the look differently and managed to catch the attention

12. Hamamat Montia.

Related image

There’s everything to love about former beauty queen and entrepreneur, Hamamat Montia’s short look. She makes short hair gang appealing and appetizing

13. Jasmine baroudi
Image result for jasmine baroudi
14. Bridget Otoo
Image result for Bridget otoo
15. Christabel Ekeh

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